Mar. 4th, 2019

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designer you cover#bookeveryweek Designer You by Sarahlyn Bruck.

An engaging and sometimes heartbreaking story about a woman who has to find her way in the world again after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband. He had been not only her life partner, but her business partner, as the two had run a successful business (the titular Designer You) renovating homes and writing about the process. So, she lost the center of two of her worlds at the same time.

The story meandered a bit for my taste, which fit thematically with what was happening and how the character felt, but was a bit frustrating at times for me as the reader. Still, overall, it felt like a realistic vision of what might have happened, and meandering is part of that "figuring it out" process.

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cake batter in bowl#smileaday Making cake.

The youngest and I like to bake together. A lot of times, this is just box-kit cakes, but tonight's preparations are to be a birthday cake for Daddy, so it needed to be special. We made our cake from scratch this time: Mexican chocolate. It smelled so good while it was baking that I am sad we're not eating it until tomorrow.

If people who are good with plants have a green thumb, what do people who are gifted bakers have? Because the littlest Bryant has one, whatever it is. Everything she bakes is lovely.


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