Mar. 5th, 2019

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#smileaday Spoiling Sweetman. We celebrated my husband's birthday tonight. Just a little lowkey night: a lovely bolagnese and a Mexican chocolate cake for dessert. Another episode of The Dragon Prince (we're trying to only watch on episode at a go, to make it last). I guess this is what they call domestic bliss :-)

All work was worth it to see his shy happy smile, my favorite of all his smiles.


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My plan to play a new game every week in 2019 fell apart in February. We were the plague house instead, which is not a game I'd care to play again.

But now that we're nearly all better, I was happy to get back on the gaming horse with a two-player with Sweetman. Spirits of the Wild.

It's a pattern collection sort of game. You earn points by gathering stones (colorful plastic pieces that look a little too much like Skittles to be safe for small children) in different groupings: one of each color, full house, matched pairs, etc, each worth different numbers of points.

Your game options are controlled by a set of cards with prescribed actions (both players have the same cards, but you can use them in any order you want) and access to spirit animal cards that either player can use. The competition comes in using the coyote figure to help block your opponent's progress.

The game play is short, and has a quick and easy learning curve. The pieces and art are pleasing and I found it competitive enough without being cut-throat. I could play this one with my mother or other more casual gamers in my life or as a warmup for more "serious" gaming with my more hardcore crowd.
spirits of the wild boardgame box


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