Date: 2019-02-01 12:40 am (UTC)
samanthabryant: feeling purple (Default)
I hadn't really thought about the flaws being because it was a 70s novel . Food for thought! I've seen a lot more 70s movies, but haven't read that many 70s novels. Hmmmm.

According to wikipedia, which is of course (ahem) an entirely reliable source, some other blockbuster novels of the 70s include Love Story (not read), the French Lieutenant's Woman (read kind of a long time ago and remember liking), Island in the Stream (I've never heard of it), The Crystal Cave (ditto), QB VII (ditto), and Rich Man, Poor Man. Maybe I'll have to try a couple of those to see if it's a 70s thing.

It was an experimental era in a lot of ways, with not much caution in some ways, so maybe that's part of what feels weak in the book to me now. Shock value maybe got you further then, as an artist? (I was a child during the 70s, so though I was there, I experienced it differently than my parents, for example).
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