Jan. 13th, 2019

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 #smileaday Convention friends. 
convention friendsWhen I first started going to conventions as part of my author life, I didn't know anybody and it was terrifying. I did it anyway because I'm stubborn like that, but I was not having fun. It raised every introvert anxiety I had. 
Today, I finished a three day convention. I presented on seven panels, gave a reading, and spent many hours at my sales table talking with potential readers and other writers. I met new people
It was still difficult, but you know what? 
This is fun for me now. 
Because now, four years later, going to a convention (at least one in the Southern con circuit, near where I live) means I'm going to see my writing and convention friends, that I'll catch up on their lives and their creations, that I'll get hugged and teased by some of the best people in the world.


samanthabryant: feeling purple (Default)
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