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 #smileaday Girl Scout Cookie glee. 
Girl Scout cookies went on sale on Saturday. One of the fun parts of selling girl scout cookies is the absolute excitement that lights up people's faces when the sale starts. There's something special about treats you can only get during a limited time window, and these cookies, besides being yummy, come with the added benefit of being a good deed. You buy something you want and at the same time, you help a young girl get to do cool stuff with her troop. Win-win for sure!
My girl is a late joiner to scouts, just having started last year, but she loves it. They've already helped expand her boundaries and get to her to try new things. 
girl scout cookies

Date: 2019-01-16 12:27 am (UTC)
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I need to find me a local Scout from whom to buy some thin mints and peanut butter patties.


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