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 #smileaday Finishing something painful. In this case, the FAFSA paperwork. My college girl asked me to do it early because there's a new scholarship she wants to apply for. It's not the worst application sort of paperwork I've ever had to do, but it's up there in the top 10 with medical forms and query letters. 
But it's done now and I don't have to do it again . . . until next year. 
frodo meme
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 #smileaday Being a musical nerd with my daughter. 
I was in chorus AND band in middle and high school, so you can imagine what a musical nerd I must be. Apparently, I've passed that on to my youngest, because after homework tonight, she wanted to watch Into the Woods, which has been a favorite of mine since college and now has a pretty good movie edition (though I'm loyal to Bernadette Peters' witch and don't like Meryl Streep's as much). 
Anyway, we enjoyed sitting together tonight and re-watching this one (we've already watched it together at least a couple of times). Still so good, and even better with her. 

into the woods dvd

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 #smileaday Not having a fever. The bar is pretty low  for smile a day when I'm sick. But I'll definitely take fever-gone. It's nice to feel like I can think. normal temperature
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 #smileaday It's harder than usual to find my smile a day. I'm still sick and I'm a terrible patient. So, today, it's less a smile than simple gratitude for little things that make me feel a smidge better, like nice hot showers three times a day. 

little things
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 #smileaday My smile each day is often due to my husband, but it's all the more obvious when I'm sick. He's out there right now, picking up our daughter and dealing with Girl Scout stuff, which is usually my gig, because I'm spiking a low fever. He also made me noodles and was patient when I couldn't explain myself well (a common thing with me when I have a fever). I'm headed to bed soon, hoping for a better day tomorrow, where I don't need taking care of. But right now, I'm grateful to have someone who will.

take care of me
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 #smileaday Soup. 
Yep, I'm still sick. I taught with laryngitis today, which is challenging in any environment, and possibly dangerous in a middle school environment, but I used all my leave on my daughter's flu, so there's none left for me. I did take a coach's whistle so I could demand attention of the group as needed. The kids were kind and sympathetic because they can be so sweet and wonderful when they want to be. 
After work, my sister took me to Weaver Street, our local food coop where I had leek and potato soup which tasted of heaven and warmed the cockles and all the other parts of my heart. Soup is the best thing. I bought more to pack for my lunch tomorrow. 

potato leek soup
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#smileaday Finishing a story.

Finished a short story today. I'll want to read it over tomorrow when my brain is fresher and do some light editing, but it's finished!

As a novelist, I don't get that satisfying "I did a thing!" feeling all that often. Finishing a draft of a novel takes me most of a year or even sometimes more than one year. So, this feels extra good.

Hope it works for the anthology, but even if it doesn't, I'm still happy.
the end
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 #smileaday Nature shows. 
I had all four Bryants at home tonight, which is a #smileaday in and of itself. As we ate our dinner (breakfast for dinner, another #smileaday), we wanted to watch some TV. It's hard to find something for all of us to watch. The kids are seven years apart in age, and very different in their interests as well. And since the eldest isn't usually with us these days (college), it didn't make sense to make her watch something we were already in the middle of. 
So we lighted on Blue Planet II, a nature program on Netflix, narrated by Richard Attenborough. Three Bryants have been watching it off and on, but the college girl had never seen it. It's a gorgeous program, with amazing photography and interesting sea creatures. Low key and pleasant. Perfect dinner programming. 

blue planet ii show image

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#smileaday Honey tea with lemon.

Dang it. I'm sick now. My throat hurts something awful, though the school nurse says it doesn't look like strep, at least. But swallowing hurts and I dread teaching tomorrow, which requires not only a lot of talking, but talking in a way to engage a room full of squirrels, I mean middle schoolers.

But at least I've got honey lemon tea and the space to go to bed early tonight. Here's hoping tomorrow is less painful!

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 #smileaday Breakfast with my girl. 
Because the youngest girl has had the flu, we cancelled the eldest girl's planned visit home. Catching the flu would not make her first year of college easier!  So, today, I met her for brunch. It's such a grown up thing, meeting your daughter for brunch. Does this mean I'm a real adult now? Or that she is?

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 #smileaday Breakthroughs. 
lightbulbOne of my favorite things about teaching is being there when someone has a breakthrough, when you can see the light bulb go off over their head, just like in a cartoon, and feel like you helped to power that light bulb. 
I teach for a local community college from time to time. This semester's class is called "Finish Your Novel" and is part cheerleading, part feedback, and part advice about building a writing life that lets you finish things. 
Today, I shared a plantser (half pantser, half plotter) outlining/structuring technique I've been using and the response was heartening. Looks like I'm not the only person this approach might help. One student announced that she was super excited to get back to writing now and try this out!
It's good to feel like you helped someone move forward. Super good. I still feel all glowy. 
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 #smileaday When your students missed you. 
I was absent from school for two days which is middle school terms is something like a month. Substitute teaching a thankless job, and many substitutes aren't there because of their love of children or your subject matter. That said, to all appearances, my substitutes were competent and kind, but the kids still prefer their own teacher. Me. 
My return was straight out of Miss Nelson Is Missing. I hope the second honeymoon lasts out the week :-)

miss nelson is missing cover
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#smileaday Reading on a rainy day. 
I'm still at home with my sick youngin' and today was bleak and gray and featured a cold rain that made me glad I didn't have to venture out. I read a lot, which is just what such days are for. 

reading in the window while it rains 
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 #smileaday To speedy recoveries. 
I was home with the youngest Bryant today, who was freshly diagnosed with the flu. Given how bad she felt last night, I anticipated a difficult day full of intense worry, but she was actually quite a bit better today. Low energy and definitely still sick, but much lower temperature for her fever and much more alert and "like herself." Such a a relief! Here's hoping that tomorrow keeps her on the fast track to healthy. 
speedy recovery
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 #smileaday It's been a rough one at Casa Bryant today. The youngest went from kinda sick to scary sick over the space of a few hours and has been diagnosed with Flu, type A. :-( So, I guess my smile today is that there is an Urgent Care facility in my town and that they treated her with kindness and compassion on the way to that diagnosis. And that, even though the flu sucks, it's nothing scarier than the flu. 
juju cartoon
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 #smileaday Book birthdays.

I had triplets today. Three brain children.

Three of my book babies were sent out into the world to seek their fortunes. Hmmm . . .may have to work on that metaphor. Makes me sound too much like the mother in the three little pigs, and I'm hoping to avoid the wolves.

It really is such a lovely feeling though, getting your work out there into the world. So grateful for all the help I've had getting this far.

It's time to celebrate so the youngest and I made cupcakes. :-)

new books
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#smileaday Teaching success. 
It's been a good week in my classroom. My roughest class made some serious progress today. It's exhausting, but when I can ride the wave of their energy and help it splash down in a positive direction, it's the most amazing feeling. Like I'm Diana Prince.  
wonder teacher logo
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#smileaday Cooking adventures.

I told my husband I wanted to get an instant pot, since I'd been hearing so much about them from friends who cook. I thought I was giving a birthday hint, but apparently, he decided just to get me one! So tonight, we made ribs. I was interested in trying this out because it's one of those foods that generally takes too long to cook to even consider on a weeknight.

The results! So much yum that I'm afraid I ate too much.


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 #smileaday When your partner is a good partner.
I don't feel good today. It's "just a cold" but a cold can be so miserable, making it hard to breathe and leaving you feeling so very very blah. Sometimes I think I'd rather just go ahead and be a little sicker so I could justify staying home from work (and writing substitute teaching plans-shudder!) as opposed to suffering through. 
But I am a lucky girl, and seeing how low I felt, the husband stepped in and made the Beans a la Bryant tonight. Warm, comforting, and someone else made it when I didn't feel up to it. Perfect. It's lovely when you need someone to take care of you and then someone does. 

sick cartoon

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 #smileaday Lunch with my girls.

College girl called me up today because she had some time and wanted to spend it with me and her sister. As if that wasn't good enough . . .there was also sushi!

sushi conveyor belt


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