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#smileaday Cooking something new.

I do most of the cooking in our family. Because I teach in the same town we live in, I generally get home 1-2 hours earlier than my husband, so we eat sooner if I cook. Luckily, I like cooking. So, this works out.

However, I get seriously bored if I cook the same things too often. I'm not one of those people who can rotate a small repertoire of dishes. I need novelty to stay interested in cooking.

So, tonight's experiment was orange chicken, a dish I've often ordered at Chinese restaurants, but never made myself. (here's the recipe, for anyone insterested: ) It was delish. All Bryants were pleased.
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#smileaday Spoiling Sweetman. We celebrated my husband's birthday tonight. Just a little lowkey night: a lovely bolagnese and a Mexican chocolate cake for dessert. Another episode of The Dragon Prince (we're trying to only watch on episode at a go, to make it last). I guess this is what they call domestic bliss :-)

All work was worth it to see his shy happy smile, my favorite of all his smiles.


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cake batter in bowl#smileaday Making cake.

The youngest and I like to bake together. A lot of times, this is just box-kit cakes, but tonight's preparations are to be a birthday cake for Daddy, so it needed to be special. We made our cake from scratch this time: Mexican chocolate. It smelled so good while it was baking that I am sad we're not eating it until tomorrow.

If people who are good with plants have a green thumb, what do people who are gifted bakers have? Because the littlest Bryant has one, whatever it is. Everything she bakes is lovely.
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#smileaday Cooking adventures.

I told my husband I wanted to get an instant pot, since I'd been hearing so much about them from friends who cook. I thought I was giving a birthday hint, but apparently, he decided just to get me one! So tonight, we made ribs. I was interested in trying this out because it's one of those foods that generally takes too long to cook to even consider on a weeknight.

The results! So much yum that I'm afraid I ate too much.


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 #smileaday Yummy sounds from everyone at my dinner table tonight. I worked hard, and my work was appreciated.



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