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 #smileaday Soup. 
Yep, I'm still sick. I taught with laryngitis today, which is challenging in any environment, and possibly dangerous in a middle school environment, but I used all my leave on my daughter's flu, so there's none left for me. I did take a coach's whistle so I could demand attention of the group as needed. The kids were kind and sympathetic because they can be so sweet and wonderful when they want to be. 
After work, my sister took me to Weaver Street, our local food coop where I had leek and potato soup which tasted of heaven and warmed the cockles and all the other parts of my heart. Soup is the best thing. I bought more to pack for my lunch tomorrow. 

potato leek soup
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 #smileaday Breakfast with my girl. 
Because the youngest girl has had the flu, we cancelled the eldest girl's planned visit home. Catching the flu would not make her first year of college easier!  So, today, I met her for brunch. It's such a grown up thing, meeting your daughter for brunch. Does this mean I'm a real adult now? Or that she is?

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#smileaday Cooking adventures.

I told my husband I wanted to get an instant pot, since I'd been hearing so much about them from friends who cook. I thought I was giving a birthday hint, but apparently, he decided just to get me one! So tonight, we made ribs. I was interested in trying this out because it's one of those foods that generally takes too long to cook to even consider on a weeknight.

The results! So much yum that I'm afraid I ate too much.


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 #smileaday When your partner is a good partner.
I don't feel good today. It's "just a cold" but a cold can be so miserable, making it hard to breathe and leaving you feeling so very very blah. Sometimes I think I'd rather just go ahead and be a little sicker so I could justify staying home from work (and writing substitute teaching plans-shudder!) as opposed to suffering through. 
But I am a lucky girl, and seeing how low I felt, the husband stepped in and made the Beans a la Bryant tonight. Warm, comforting, and someone else made it when I didn't feel up to it. Perfect. It's lovely when you need someone to take care of you and then someone does. 

sick cartoon

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 #smileaday Lunch with my girls.

College girl called me up today because she had some time and wanted to spend it with me and her sister. As if that wasn't good enough . . .there was also sushi!

sushi conveyor belt
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 #smileaday Yummy sounds from everyone at my dinner table tonight. I worked hard, and my work was appreciated.



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