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 #smileaday A new place to walk. 
A friend told us about a little used park in our own town. I didn't even know it was there! Though I can still hear the highway from within, it was lovely in that all I could see was trees for a long, deep view. The weather was perfect, and even my tween, who didn't really want to take a walk, found it enchanting when the sun hit the mossy part of the path and made it glow. We'll definitely have to go back in a greener season. 

woods walk


Dec. 22nd, 2018 09:19 pm
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ready I'm oddly well prepared for the holiday season this year. It helped that Chanukah and Christmas had a little space between them. It doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes I'm trying to enjoy my quiet reflective family focused time with candles while the world is throwing candy canes and reindeer antlers at me. 

It helped that we lost three days of school to snow days, but kept power and internet during those days so I still got stuff done. 

I seem to always fall into winter vacation as if from a great height, dropped and expected to hit the ground running, so this feels really good. Definitely makes me want to keep better control of the pace of my life so it can be like this more often. 

Isn't it odd how holidays become something we have to get "ready" for? Like a competition or a big test? Even a plan-ahead girl like me thinks that's a little crazy and wrong. 

In that vein, here's a Christmas sonnet I wrote a few years ago, when my husband and I were newly married and he was going full out gonzo trying to make sure my eldest had a great welcome into his family's traditions. 

On Christmas
I’m never sure which way to turn to sing
before the buzzing crowds of Christmas fans
or even if a song is best to bring
to greedy mouths and ever-grasping hands.
It overwhelms the senses, giddy yet
alarming, expansiveness abounding---
the brotherhood of credit cards and debt
the tinsel-wrapped carols resounding.
But when, at night, it gets quiet at last
and gifts are chosen, hidden till the day—
the mania, the shopping frenzy past—
I can hear it, humming my stress away.
There is a peace. I think it sounds like snow.
That peace. One gift I wish I could bestow. 

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Had we but world enough and time . . .

My life has been a coy mistress for quite some time now. In fact, I think it started a decade or so ago with my second marriage and second child. There so much I want out of each and every day and I resent all the time I have to give to the "business I waste my heart on."


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