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#smileaday Happy children.

My poor daughter has had a lonely month. No playmates due to sickness. Her own, then mine. But tonight, she has a sleepover guest and the giggles coming from our living room right now could make the Grinch's heart triple in size.

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#smileaday I don't have a headache. Reasonably sure this is the first day in February in which I went through the whole day without having a headache of one sort or another. Between illness, allergies, noise, and stress, it was a helluva month. Not having a headache made such a difference in my demeanor that I was walking around singing this song all day. "Human Again."
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#smileaday Honey tea with lemon.

Dang it. I'm sick now. My throat hurts something awful, though the school nurse says it doesn't look like strep, at least. But swallowing hurts and I dread teaching tomorrow, which requires not only a lot of talking, but talking in a way to engage a room full of squirrels, I mean middle schoolers.

But at least I've got honey lemon tea and the space to go to bed early tonight. Here's hoping tomorrow is less painful!

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 #smileaday It's been a rough one at Casa Bryant today. The youngest went from kinda sick to scary sick over the space of a few hours and has been diagnosed with Flu, type A. :-( So, I guess my smile today is that there is an Urgent Care facility in my town and that they treated her with kindness and compassion on the way to that diagnosis. And that, even though the flu sucks, it's nothing scarier than the flu. 
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