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meant to be meme#smileaday Signs we're meant to be.

It's Friday night and the Retro series we love is playing Alfred Hitchcock films. Normally, that'd be a no-brainer and we'd be there. But we've had a bunch of sick in our house. We're barely recovered. I found myself thinking of the outing with dread instead of joy, but I didn't want to take the fun away from Sweetman, so I hadn't said anything.

Then we went for a walk, and in talking, it became clear that Sweetman felt exactly the same way.

So, not only are we so well matched that we wanted to see the same movie, we're so in sync that we both unusually didn't want to go tonight. Looking forward to going to bed early and getting some energy back for future fun!

Date: 2019-03-16 01:04 pm (UTC)
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Such sync is swell!


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